The Legendary UNITAS 6497

The Legendary UNITAS 6497

Friday, October 30, 2009


This is excellent condition Tressa selfwinding watch. Keeping perfect time, can't believe it is 40 years old. Comes with black PVC strap, I need to change to leather so that it will look macho. It is 25 Rubis, caliber F 4466, original dial, genuine crown, 34mm without crown and of course it is Swiss made.


This Darwil is not so well known but famous in Balkan countries ?. Other famous brands are Doxa and Omikron. This watch is light, very vintage look and keeping perfect time. Need to wind up every 35- 40 hours. Some facts : Caliber 7066, dimension is 3.5 x 4.0, serial number 159650-7041, 17 jewels and chrome plated case.


This is a prewar Oris , a real vintage look, power reserve is 30 - 35 hrs, sub seconds manual winding. Comes with high quality anti allergic leather strap size 16. This is a rare item.

Sold to the owner of


This is really a classic look. Need no further introduction. Born in the 50's. My favourite. You can see all the evidence. Keeping perfect time. Power reserve 35 hours. Comes with good quality leather strap, old style. Military style dial. For sale RM 360

Ernest Borel

Ernest Borel 17 jewels, manual winding and stainless steel case. Keeping excellence time. Been using this watch for quite sometime and reliable. You can see stains on right side of the dial. I suppose it is normal for a 40 year old watch. On the backplate, engraved the word "Ernest Borel & Co SA" and on the movement itself there is the word Ernest Borel. Neuchatel is the famous town in Switzerland well known in watchmaking. Google to find!!!.

For sale RM 360. Call or SMS if interested.


One of the most sought ??! Rare ?? and hard to get watch. It is not sold in the open market but to get this watch you must be an employee of Turkey State Railways. On the dial it is stated TCDD (T.C.D. Demirvollari). In Malaysia you call them Keretapi Tanah Melayu. It was made somewhere in the 70's and signed "Made in USSR" at 6 o'clock. Case material is from stainless steel. Size is 3.5 across x 4.1 from lug to lug. Mechanical movement 35 hrs power reserve, 17 jewels and shock protected. Movement made by Wostok.

K.Serkisoff & co were exclusive suppliers for the Turkish National Railways since 1880. The Ottoman Empire had signed an agreement with K.Serkisoff & Co in 1880. Since then when one gets retired from the railways it is a tradition to give the person a Serkisoff railway watch as a present.