The Legendary UNITAS 6497

The Legendary UNITAS 6497

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Edox...a pre/post war vintage

A true Swiss vintage, is in good working condition and keeping good time. Can wear this watch everyday to work or weekend. This caliber is made by FELSA engraved as "FW" "925". Size is 34mm including crown, it comes with a US made Speidel stainless steel expandable bracelet.

Dial is sandy brown, with the word GLISCOUR just above sub second. Could be an early gliscour balance wheel made using this material.

#: Note, photo no 2 is with flash and no 3 is without flash

A real 1940's example. You don't have to go to KLCC to get an Edox, this is very reasonably priced. I am selling at RM 310, call or SMS if interested.