The Legendary UNITAS 6497

The Legendary UNITAS 6497

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Short Risalah 7 - USD 25,000,000.00

Honest. Read the above title carefully. Twenty five million.

Priced at $25 million, the watch is probably the most extravagant accessory yet. What makes the Chopard watch exclusive? The antique look, 201 diamond carats and all of the logo give this accessory more value than most apparel. The watch flaunts the timeless appeal of diamonds and time keeping.
Chopard enables you to flaunt a small bouquet of diamonds on your watch to have contemporaries eat their heart out. The extremely beautiful and luxurious watch is worth the last dollar of all the $25 million. This classic is as unique as any natural gem on the planet and also as expensive. The delicate external fa├žade amply compliments the state of the art craftsmanship that holds well within. The investment is an heirloom and the extravagance is all about celebrating life and the good times.
The 201 carat diamonds are set against a backdrop specially designed for the expensive add-ons. In house craftsmanship has made time management and reading a beautiful indulgence. The watch does not call, it demands attention. The straps and the dial are created to compliment good taste. The watch is a jewel and is rightly treated as one.
Chopard has lived up to the company’s commitment to ‘delivering nothing but the best’. The watch is a show of integrity and class. It is flaunted as one at some the world’s most exclusive accessory outlets. The casing and the price tag speak volumes for the effort and value the creators themselves have given the watch. The gem is rightly called so!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Leather Bands

For sale/Untuk dijual - NOS leather bands, there are 14 pairs here, for 20mm lugs.It looks like this was made somewhere in early 90's. Can also be used for 18 mm lugs but you must shrink the edge a little bit and use the correct spring bar size. Details : 5 brown & 4 black pairs all are smooth calf leather. The other 5 pairs are solid crocodile leather. RM 30/- each postpaid. Please SMS or email if interested.

Monday, December 7, 2009


A rare hard to get Swiss made Dorley Supermariner. This watch was recently serviced and keeping good time. I can say it is in excellent condition.
Movement : A. Schild 1702, manual winding, keeps good time, power reserve is about 36 hours.
Case : all original stainless steel, plain back cover, engraved Swiss Made 5935 inside of back cover.
Dial : aged well, appealing.
Size : approximately 36mm without crown, 40mm from lug to lug, thickness is 8mm.
For sale RM 360, negotiable.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Short Risalah 6 - Swiss Made $$$?

Mechanical movements
Most watches have mechanical movements made largely by hand. These movements can require hundreds of hours of labor, and can only be made by watchmakers with many years of experience. The more complicated a mechanical watch is, the more functions it has, the more you will have to pay for it.

Material Plating
Some watches are plated with, or made entirely of precious metal: gold, or even platinum. These metals cost much more than plastic, stainless steel, or base metal. Furthermore, the gold used in Swiss watches is finer than that used in most jewelry sold in the US (18k vs. 14k) so the cost is even higher than you think. The cost is even more if the watch bracelet, as well as the case, is made of precious metal.

Water resistance
Water resistance also adds to the cost of a watch. Making a watch watertight requires gaskets perfectly fitted to keep out water and, often, a special type of crown that screws down into the case so water can’t seep in. The higher the level of water resistance (100m, 200m or whatever) the lower the manufacturing tolerance and the more expensive the case.

Limited Edition
Most Swiss companies have short production runs because they make watches for a narrower market than the firms in the orient. This allows them to provide more exclusive designs to customers, but also drives up manufacturing costs.

Material of Crystal
Just about all watch parts are available in a range of qualities. A watch made with a synthetic sapphire crystal, which is very difficult to scratch and highly durable will cost more than one with a plastic or a glass crystal.

Swiss watches in general have more unusual and complex case designs than less expensive watches. This means they are constructed of more parts, requiring a wider variety of dies to produce them and a more time consuming assembly process.

Other features also affect a watch’s price. A smoothly finished, supple link bracelet will cost more than a roughly finished one. A double safety buckle on the band will add to the cost, as well as special finishes on the case or dial.

Labour Cost
They are paid at an average salary of EUR 55.00 per hour..........Please correct me if I am wrong.

Short Risalah 5 - Crystals, crystals and crystals

The crystal is the transparent protective covering that fits over the watch face, and is held in place by the bezel. It’s exposed to all manner of shocks and blows, so it should be as hard as possible. Softer materials scratch and break easily, making the watch less attractive and possibly unreadable. Worse, they could shatter and damage the watch beyond repair.
A crystal can be made from any clear material, from plastic to synthetic sapphire – the hardest and most expensive crystal available. The short notes below shows popular crystal types and their relative hardness.

Plastic : Does not resist scratches
Mineral : Hardened glass, resists some scratches
Synthetic sapphire : Hardened glass with a sapphire coating to help resist scratches
Sapphire : Scratch resistant and very hard-wearing


Hard to find Ancora. This brand started in the 40's. What I have here is an excellent condition timepiece. Dial is still in "mint" condition. There are a few small dots there on the dials. On the backplate there is stamped 9256. Could it be watch #92, made sometime in 1956 ? Need expert advise please. Diameter is 32mm without crown. Fixed lugs, no spring bars needed.For sale RM 260.


Another handsome looking Titoni. This watch existed long before I was born. Watch info :
Date Manufactured -- Circa 1960'S
Type -- Manual Wind
Movement -- 17 Jewels
Case -- stainless steel
Dial -- original dial
Crystal -- Acrylic
Width(without the crown) -- 34 mm
Length(from lug to lug) -- 43.2 mm
Crown -- signed
Band -- 18 mm, can be fitted with 20 mm band coz the body of the watch is quite wide.