The Legendary UNITAS 6497

The Legendary UNITAS 6497

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vintage look, 2 pairs handstitched 24mm watchband

Condition : used

These were handmade, no machines were used while in the process of making. All were manually cut, measured, stitched and dyed. Very vintage look. Thickness is 4-5mm. No sponge and pad in between, solid leather. For sale RM 30 postpaid or take both for RM 50.

Tubes for 24mm lugs

If you have watches with screw-type 24mm lugs, then this the right stuff to strenghten your watchband. If it is without screw-type then you need 2 persons or to insert this tubes together with springbars inside. Or align it properly to ensure it goes smoothly. Remember, you cannot bend this tube. Made of 316L stainless steel. For sale RM 15 per pair.

Springbars for 24mm lugs

I have a lot of these springbars, take 5 pairs for RM 15 postpaid.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midsize Oris 33mm case

Manual winding, with caliber 392. This is a one piece case. Take a close look at the photos. Crown is worn, need small fingers to wind it or using watch winding holder. For sale, RM 330 negotiable.

Clean dial Ingersoll

You need to sandpaper that plastic crystal, using type 1000. Working good, 34mm across, simple looking dress watch. Caliber made by Cattin Co, France. For sale RM 260, call or SMS if interested.

Trelawn with EB8800 caliber

Very smooth manual winding, clean dial and keeping good time. Size of this watch is 33mm across. For sale RM 260, or your offer. Call or SMS if interested.

Caliber AS1690/92 Swiss made Regency

Vintage look, caliber AS 1690/92, smooth winding, working good with sub seconds. Size is 34mm across. For sale RM 290, or your offer.

Swiss made Invicta, a 1970's manual winding

Last days of Invicta, comes with caliber K1 made by Medana, size of this watch is 34mm across, manual winding , very good condition, collectable and suitable for daily use. These days, it is quite difficult to find manual winding model and they are still producing divers' models. Most are with Miyota caliber. For sale, RM 270 or call/SMS with any reasonable offer.