The Legendary UNITAS 6497

The Legendary UNITAS 6497

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Magazines...good info on luxury watches

There are 3 International Watch, 2 Watch Time, Time Werke with Cartier Supplement and World of Watches magazines in this lot. All must go for RM 120 including shipping and handling for domestic delivery. Weight is about 6kgs. Call or SMS if interested.

I will include other reading materials too, to add up with above magazines.

Monday, November 22, 2010


You might also find the word "Monorex" on Rado dial, here it is.


A friend of mine ask me what Incabloc is, refer to this sheet.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Exacto...Very rare and known as Rado in 1958

Something interesting here : Exacto was produced by Schlup & Co, which was a subsidiary company of Rado Watch Co. The one that I have here is believed to be made circa 1950-1957. By looking at the movement, which is AS 1237/38, the movement itself was produced starting from 1950. It is 17 Jewels, manual winding with 18,000 BPH (5 beat per second, please do not compare this with Grand Seiko, El Primero, Citizen 7230 and other Hi Beat movements). They (RWC) probably manufactured complete watches and movements was assembled by Schlup & Co. From 1958 onwards, all watches produced were to carry RADO as brand name.

This is the "father" ? of Rado, Rado that we see today. It runs great on my wrist, now I start to believe that a good mechanical watch still runs great after half a century. Serviced by experience watchmaker. Willing to let it go at RM 850 negotiable, call or SMS if interested.

Note : This watch has fixed lugs, need good ribbon or leather strap to make it look better. The one that I have here is PVC and Russian made leather backing.

Ideal...old watch for young hearted

An ideal, fancy and clean Swiss made watch. Working good, using A Schild 1686 caliber. Size is 34mm across. Call or SMS if interested RM 280, negotiable.

Sold to Mr Shah.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Seiko Lord Matic Special 5216-7070

Another modern design Lord Matic Special, same size as my previous Lord Matic posting. It is a shining dark blue dial. Hi beat 28,800 BPH. Production is on October 1977. I am selling this piece, RM 370, negotiable. Call or SMS if interested.

Seiko Lord Matic Special 5216-6030

This is a hi beat 28,800 BPH with modern design. Production date was on October 1976. "SPECIAL" on the dial is meant for special colorful tones with dark blue-light blue-bright dial. There are also versions with plain white and beige dials. Size of this watch is 33mm across, without crown. The same caliber is also used by King Seiko. Going cheap RM 370, negotiable. Call or SMS.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Citizen Dolphin...big and huge

Size is 37mm across without crown, they produce this watch to compete with Seiko Sea Lion. Part of my collection. No scratch on the crystal. Sturdy and well built. Going for RM 370, call if interested, negotiable.

Rado Distinction...a distintively cute of an early 1960's

Superb condition AS 1702, very smooth.

This is a midsize or boy size watch, size is 31mm across and 31 mm from lug to lug. Manual winding, excellent running condition. Good for collection or daily use.

Note : Monorex is Incabloc, shockproof.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seiko DX 6106-7729 a 1967 Vintage

Vintage Seiko box, Made in USA. Everything is original, intact. Hidden crown.

It is stocky, big and heavy. Stuck to your wrist. Some scratches at 1 o'clock, very solid original glass, does not have any crack and this is a curvex glass. Three dimensional. It was made in Oct 1967. Running good but I believe it must be serviced, cleaned and oiled. I have not checked the accuracy of this watch. Size of this watch is 37mm across. I am selling cheap, RM 290 or a bit less, there is some provision for you to spend on servicing. Call or SMS if interested.